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Lit From Within

Living Aware, Awake, and Aligned.

School for the Sacred Feminine Arts!

 Healing Tools for A New Way of Being, and for the new AGE of LIGHT.

Come live what you love on the path with the Divine Feminine. Reclaiming and Remembering who you are at core self to be at your highest service and greatest potential for the greater good of all!

Home of the A-HA Method.

A Healing Arts Method™


Meditation by the Sea

Are You Ready To...?

Reclaim Your Sacred Feminine Archetypes for a New Age of Light!

Empower your divine gifts through 4 parts of self to align you with your Temple Body Light Warrior, Divine Alchemist, Creatrix, and  High Priestess through your own Heroine's Journey.

Embrace Your Sacred Temple Body

See yourself through new eyes! Create radiant health and wellbeing. Learn to use the wisdom and intelligence of your body to heal wounds, transform false beliefs, and create more, joy, bliss, awe, magic, wonder, peace, and abundance in your life.

Attune To Your Heart Center Portal 

Become your own master healer. Heal and transform personal, collective, ancestral, and past life trauma: patterns, beliefs, and thoughts held in the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Learn to shift your perception from the Head Lens to the Heart Lens to engage higher consciousness and channeled wisdom.

This is our (r)evolution. This is our natural alignment.

Awaken Your Seat of Creation

Create emotional freedom as you become a master manifestor and learn to co-create with the universe through your cosmic gateway. Clear out creativity blocks, sexual wounds, and  issues with money as you co-create with the Yoniverse your soul led desires.

Embody Your True Divine Gifts

Fully embrace who you are at SOUL LEVEL. Integrate and connect all parts that were once separated and step up into your true authentic voice to help humanity evolve at this time in history.  Create the life you were born to live and lead a New Age of Light into being.

Sacred Feminine+ Divine Blueprint=  Light Embodied Power

-Activate Your Diamond Light BODY

Discover that nothing is outside of yourself. Direct embodiment of the light into the physical body= PURE SPIRIT EMBODIED in the human form. The ANGELIC LENS.

AWARE-of your choices with a destined, not a fated life

AWAKE- your souls desires and EMPOWER your HIGHEST SELF  


ALLOW- Your direction to unfold on your LUMINOUS path

ATTAIN- self-actualization with your soul-led dreams, creating your Heaven on Earth!


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Join The Membership

1) Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practices: You will have access to all of my most valuable tools, tips, practices, exercises, mini workshops, audio mediations, guided visualizations, channeled wisdom, and videos that have created more joy, abundance, and peace in my life as well as my clients for the past 11 years. Each month you will get something new to help you nourish your body, mind, spirit, and soul all from the comfort of your home.

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Step Into Your Light

Come be a part the LIT FROM WITHIN  transformative online journey with 4 different modules to help you learn how to live AWARE, AWAKE, and ALIGNED with the life you DESIRE. Take this journey with me and a sacred tribe of your Soul Sistars to discover what lights you up and how to step fully into your power to shine as a Sacred Feminine Arts Embodiment Leader. You can choose to do this with the SOULWORK SIGNATURE GROUP or exclusively work privately with myself as your transformational guide and mentor. Either way, you don't have to know the answers, just be willing to trust the process!