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The CREATRIX, The Divine Witch

Allow your direction to unfold with trust in the unknown.

Be in your knowing and trust your divine magical birthright.


MEANING: She is who has been missing. She is the one who is ready to be unleashed. She is the one who we have been separated for thousands of years from patriarchal ways of being. She is your wild feminine, sexual sensual sovergien preistess who remembers when spirit and sex where one and a sacred honor to be worshiped for the enlightenment brought through to others. She is  your creative intuitive parts within and she is ready to be reclaimed and embodied as the divine magical mystical being she is. . YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for. She is the ever creating and evolving of Mother Earth. Its no wonder this stone mirrors the planet’s beauty and mystery as she invites us to root into her energy and align with our own inner magical Creatrix!


STONE:  Azurite is a grounding stone that helps us anchor into Mother Earth energy while aligning with our inner vision and intuitive gifts. This stone assists in embodying your inner mystic with clarity and insight while activating psychic abilities without the personality of the ego taking over.

PURPOSE: Clears negative thoughts, feelings, stress and confusion. Helps open the mind to retain new information as well as creates clarity and focus to assist in opening the doorway to your spiritual gifts and talents connecting to inner vision and higher guidance.

CHAKRAS: Sacral, 3rd eye, Crown

Favors: The seer’s , mystics, and creatives, and doulas

Works well with: Rose gold, Charoite, Larimar




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