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to AWAKEN Souls Desires and see self through a new lens, beyond our humanness. Anchoring the light into the temple body to see ourselves as embodied light beings.


MEANING: This gentle but fierce Light Body Warrior resides in you and is ready to awaken to your soul's deepest desires and take action. Realizing that soul can lead a way to a life that is full of pleasure and purpose when we see beyond the old paradigms. This LUMINARY essence is a bridge between the higher realms of existence and your inner being that awakens and activates who you are at core self. We are Warriors of the Divine. We are here to rise and bring in the New Earth. Rooted below. Rising above. Connected within to our spiritual light team and healing frequencies. Seeing yourself as a sacred temple that can work with and embody the sacred light from above and below to empower a whole new way to see yourself, others, and the planet.


STONE: Charoite is grounded, heart awakened energy that reminds you of who you are at your core self. This integration helps you overcome any resistance to necessary changes as it aligns you with your intuitive and psychic energies.  In addition, it clears negativity and grounds higher frequency energy into the physical body. This vibrational inpouring, activates personal healing and inner work by merging the heart and the crown together letting higher wisdom and a new perception through the heart-centered lens illuminate a healing path forward.This allows for divine alchemy to take place. Activating and revealing one’s highest potential and inner knowing of the soul’s purpose.

PURPOSE: To merge the head and the heart together ( psychological and spiritual)  and to remind you of who you are at core self. Purifies, cleanses, and protects while assisting in transmitting old beliefs. Clears negativity, grounds in higher frequency energy into the physical body.




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