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Living AWARE of destined life and Soul having a purpose. (MIND)

MEANING: You have a purpose being here even if you cant quite identify it. Like the stars in the night, there is a cosmic airy light about you that wants to be seen and heard. Magical moons and manifestations light you up! Empathic, highly spiritual, ready to shed your limiting beliefs and heal the wounds that have created trauma and loss and reclaim what is your divine birthright. You are a lightworker. Here to be the best version of yourself and radiate your gifts and talents out into the planet to help humanity evolve. But first you have to reject your old stories before you can activate the light within and fully step into your power and finally see yourself as sacred sovereign and whole!  No two starseeds are alike but there is familiarity when you recognize yourself in another. This is the sisterhood of the Rose once again gathering together to rise. Together. Here. Right where you belong. Its time to make this place your home.

STONE: Garnet, also known as the “rose stone,” is here to help you remember who you truly are so you can fulfill your soul's purpose and manifest your luminous path into being. With sacred grounding energy, garnet strengthens the emotional body and opens up the heart to receive love from self and others.


Once this spiritual awareness is activated, it allows one to shed limiting beliefs and heal the wounds of the past, reclaim feelings of worthiness while feeling safe to own and embrace one’s inner gifts and share them with others. Garnet activates awareness of one's own inner guides and angels, creating consciousness of one's luminous path and devotional practice, strengthening one's own personal power allowing ease and grace to fulfill souls purpose.

PURPOSE: To help bring in a New Earth and a Golden Age of Light. To heal emotional wounds related to worthiness, shame and guilt rooted in the absence of trust and safety.

CHAKRAS: Root, Heart, Crown

FAVORS: The Wisdom Seekers

Works Well with: Azurite, Kunzite, Charoite. (Garnet activates other crystals and amplifies their effect.)




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