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Align with the Divine within The healer


MEANING: The divine alchemist is one who can transform pain into healing. She can take the wounds from her ancestral line and with sacred intention and a quantum mind, can heal generations forward and back! She is a self healer and a sacred container to see her old wounds through new eyes of love and compassion for self and others. She is gentle and a shows us how to be our own nurturing mother. The divine alchemist has the power to receive and transform with insight and clarity.

 Alchemy is an ancient process of working with higher consciousness or your “super conscious” and the light body that has been pasted down for thousands of years through the ancient mystery schools and spiritual communities. This is our divine birthright to reclaim and will naturally unfold on your path of spiritual development as you awaken as well as help humanity evolve and create a New Earth.


STONE: This stone is the embodiment of divine love. It is a way shower for joy and shows us how to open our heart and truly receive  it from the divine within. It also reclaims the self as a healer and a divine alchemist being able to transmute our lower vibrational  thoughts, feelings,  old beliefs through higher consciousness to create healing. It is also the best stone to be given as a gift!

PURPOSE: Kunzite activates the heart center to open the temple of the inner self in order to receive love from self, others, and Mother Earth.  This stone helps us shift how we perceive through the heart lens, sharing this new view with the mind to aid in gently removing any fears, doubts, or mistrusts in receiving from others. This also assists in soothing the body's nervous system and creates a sense of calm.




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