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Descending Power

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Pushing Ideas Into The Universe

We focus a lot on the higher chakras--especially those of us who are more spiritually inclined. But we really need to descend down into the body in order to manifest our greatest ideas and creations. It's time to get the job done; the planet is waiting. So when we allow ourselves to get into this place in the body, we move into the womb of all creation. Within that we have all the ideas, but it's hard to push those out into the universe, especially if there is fear blocking it. So as we bring down that light deep down into the physical and emotional bodies, the lower chakras, connected deep into the Earth and the Earth Star Chakra, that is how we make that connection, moving out our gifts and talents through our own unique lens.

We have to ROOT first in order to RISE.

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