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Creating the Ripple


We are here to create the ripple. We are here to light up this world. We are

evolving as a planet, all of us. We are no longer living as a third-dimensional

planet. As we heal and evolve, so does Mother Earth. She is us. We are She. And we are all one. Whatever is coming up to the surface right now, is coming up to be healed and let go. When we can let go, it raises the vibration of each other and of the planet. We begin to see ourselves, see each other, and the planet

through this new lens--the love lens. This is not just a YOU thing. This is a

YOUniversal thing. We are healing all these wounds, these COLLECTIVE wounds, and

as we drop down to the body, as we connect through the heart lens and away

from the illusion of separation and shadow and fears, we begin to heal all the

wounds within and around us.

If you're int

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