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Divine Alchemy

If you are reading this YOU ARE A DIVINE ALCHEMIST. Diamonds are the only stone that ABSORB LIGHT.

They heal and remove life force from disease and will probably be the next breakthrough in modern medicine. (cancer is a lifeforce that can be absorbed!) Who doesn’t want more diamonds in their life? What do you need to make a diamond? Patience, courage, belief, unconditional trust? When we apply spiritual consciousness into physical form of matter, we completely evolve an entirely new form. This is our universal process, the ART of Divine Alchemy. We are here in this lifetime to repair the damage that thousands of years of fear-based thinking has manifested into the world. We do this by healing with the body, mind, and Soul anywhere healing is needed at this time. And let’s face it, that’s everywhere. Environment, school systems,  corporate, economic issues, nutrition, political, financial, and on and on. So yes, this means you. So how do you start? By bringing awareness into your own BEING then allowing it to move into your work (no matter what you do or where you work) and out into others. Your very presence integrated with heart-based awareness is creating a change and healing from fear-based thinking (the head lens) that has been conditioned over lifetimes. It’s time we rise up like the Phoenix from the ashes (the diamond) from the sacred fires of transformation and create love and higher consciousness in this world.

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