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Now is the Time to Heal the Wounds of the Past

We all have gifts and talents to share with the world that have been fine tuned throughout many lifetimes. A skill, talent, or ability that we have mastered in the past. It doesn’t matter if you remember them consciously or unconsciously they are there and have made your soul into who you are today. Unlike the children coming to Earth now fully awakened, you may have not incarnated with all of your gifts and talents fully present for several reasons. Although sacred, this gift could be bound in pain from the past. This could be stuck or lost in betrayal, shame, ridicule, humiliation, or persecution keeping it repressed. It could be that your gifts or your words were not well received to a certain community in the past and you were punished for them. Or it could be that you didn’t use your talents for the greater good. Now is the time to heal the wounds of the past and use your gifts for the greatest good of this lifetime. Let’s do this together!

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