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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We are here in this lifetime to repair the damage that thousands of years of

fear-based thinking has caused and manifested onto this planet.

We do this by beginning to live aware, awake, and aligned, and realizing that we

have a choice, that we do not have to be stuck in this fear-based lens, this way

of thinking that makes us feel separated, divided, and not enough.

We actually have the ability to heal this wound in the body, the mind, the soul,

and the spirit, and start living the life that we desire. This shift in perception, this

very awareness can be integrated into your life, no matter where you work or what

you do. In schools, financial institutions, economic, environmental, corporate, it's needed

everywhere. And by doing this, we can integrate our new heart-based awareness and

begin to create the change and healing that is so strongly needed right now on the planet.

It starts within. Going inward. Not running away from feelings. Not numbing, avoiding, running from them. We have to FEEL into the fears, allow them to have a voice, be heard, notice them. It is safe to feel them. Our natural response is to separate, isolate, when we feel fear but what heals fear and allows us to move our of our Limbic brain and survival emotions is just the opposite. If we can give the emotions awareness in a way that creates space to NOTICE them in the body, they will dissipate. We have to be willing to trust the process. It is time to shed the old fears that keep us stuck and living through the lens of our ancestors survival emotions. We are meant to live as abundant luminescent beings. This way of living is ready to be honored, recognized for its past purpose, and released. It all starts within.




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