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The Art of Allowing

Are you ready to do things in a new way this year sacred one?

You are getting the chance as Soul is leading the way for this year's First Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the impact will be with you for the next 6 months to help awaken and align! There is so much of the unknown going on right now and the old way of doing is quickly falling away.

As you let your heart or soul lead with intuition,  you let go of control or outcome and how you THINK things should be. I invite you to feel into the experiences that come up for you this full moon and try things a new way. Be in the present moment and trust in the process. All your guides are here ready to help you do this. Cheering you on and letting you know, you got this! (Green Tara, Kuan Yin, Isis, Mary Magdalene.. or whomever else you invite) This is a new way of being, receiving insight, and letting go as the process unfolds. This is what I call The Art of Allowing.

One of my many mantras that I practice each morning is: I easily let go of expectations and open myself up to endless opportunities and possibilities from the universe.

This is also the method of approach that ART THERAPY is based on. As an Art Therapist, I invite my clients to be present with their breath, open up to trust the creative process unfold, and to allow whatever wants to come through their imagery to move into creative expression with no expectations. This is done with out judgement or preconceived ideas, not from the head, but the heart. 

Trust in the process comes from a sacred feminine approach- a heart centered lens of knowing that the universe can dream bigger than I can and that my higher self has lots of insight and can provide a bigger picture. Along with a body centered awareness and feeling into your intuition to illuminate the truth, this process allows opportunity for co-creation and opens endless opportunities and possibilities available to you. This is aligning with the great cosmic mother, the Universe.

So I invite you to look within and ask yourself,  what’s being illuminated for me this full moon of the new decade?

Take 15-20 min. Find some creative materials, take a few breaths, and allow your hand to start moving on the page with intention and gratitude that your higher self, guides, or Universal Source will provide you with insight through your image. Allow whatever wants to move out through line, shape, color, symbols, vibration, or movement to emerge. Follow your intuition. Turn the page different ways and ALLOW your higher self to provide you with wisdom of souls truth. This may come through feelings, words, phrases. Stay present and open to the process. You may want to write about what you see.  Trust that whatever comes through is a gift from your higher presence. If you find your thoughts negative, check to make sure you are open and heart centered. All higher self insight is loving, kind, compassionate, and empathetic. If it is not, it is judgement or fears from the head lens and not a truth. Trust the process.

Follow up with some nourishing self care.

Practice the manta daily for a week and write down your awareness. Use the Art of Allowing Approach with any questions or insights that come up for you. Share in our Facebook community your experiences!

Haven’t joined the sacred community yet?

Want to lean more about trusting the process? Find out how you can bring this and many other sacred feminine approaches into your personal or professional practice. Come work with me live in person or online!

 Moving into this new way of being and seeing through the HEART LENS will allow you to become 

Aware of the endless opportunities that are available to you. Awake to the highest version of your life.  Align to what you are ready to create for your highest good and evolutionary purpose. 

 Its time to ALLOW the Universe to take care of you.  Join me in being open to recieve all of the magic in life and start living what you love!

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