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The Awesome Power of Breath

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Do you know we forget to breathe when we are in fight or flight? That even the way we sit can shift our mind into thinking we are in danger when we are not? We move into this space where we can't see clearly. It's illogical, its irrational, we get a lot of anxiety, depression and panic, and the world is just miserable, but breath is also your light tool back, back to yourself. It can connect to back to how you see others, how you see yourself, and how you see the world around you in a pleasant way, full of love, and joy, and peace and bliss.

When we do that we shift into this heart lens where we can hear below the noise, and from that place is where we connect back to our highest self, back to the spiritual part of self where we can manifest everything we want, that we desire for our best and highest good.

Its time to invest in yourself.

If you're interested in learning more, you can go to and be a part of the change.

With Love and Evolution,


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