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What is soul calling you to bring into this world?

As the leaves are falling away here in the Midwest you may find that A LOT of change is taking place on this planet to help move us into the NEW WAY OF BEING for 2020.

As we let go and ALLOW the old to shed what no longer serves we create more room for EXPANSION. This cycle automatically allows room for more JOY, BLISS, BEAUTY, LOVE, LIGHT, MAGIC, AWE, and WISDOM to enter. If we can remind ourselves, this is a good thing.

As we ask to align with the highest good and our most luminescent bad-ass self, we may feel the grip of our familiar friends FEAR and DOUBT surface. Change takes us out of alignment, shakes the shit out of us and then asks us to trust the unknown abyss we are now moving into. Our once beloved relationships may start to fall away suddenly, jobs or careers that no longer align with our desires may have us thinking and feeling in a whole new direction, and ways of living could feel like they need a whole new fresh start.

So what do you need not get sucked into the fears? WHAT DO YOU NEED to ALLOW yourself to FEEL into what is coming up for you, notice it, and then breathe into a NEW WAY. Will that

TRULY LIGHT YOU UP? First of all, do something that brings you joy or nourishes you RIGHT NOW. Breathe. Now, ask yourself:

What permissions do I need to FOLLOW what lights me up and create an EMPOWERED life?

What gifts and talents am I here to share to help the planet evolve?

What is it that I can believe in that is stronger than my fears and doubts.

What is it that I am ready to let go of that will ALLOW me to step fully into my authentic truth? and

What is one thing I can do right NOW to start leading from the soul and step into my full Sacred Feminine Power or PRIESTESS ROLE?

WE are all powerful fucking human beings who are here to rise and evolve.

Not sure where to start, how to take that next LEAP, or just looking for something new? I am now booking private sessions for JANUARY 2020! Set up a time to connect with me and see if one of these limited spots is just for you. Make Your Appointment Here.

What MAGIC are you ready to share with the world?

Its time to invest in yourself.

With love and evolution,

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